about me

matt komorowski

My name is Matthew Komorowski. I am a Buffalonian by birth, a Mathematician by degree and a Software Engineer by trade.

As you may have already gathered, I created this site to keep track of things that I've worked on over the last few years. Posting ideas where other people can see them provides some extra motivation when it is most needed.

I tried to take the blog route and I quickly realized that it's not for me. You'll find most of this site to be atopical, apolitical and agnostic but, lest you think I'm completely disengaged, here are a few things that I am passionate about:

  • Free and Open software projects like Linux and Mozilla
  • Dynamic Programming Languages like Python and JavaScript
  • Brilliant, world-changing inventions like the bicycle and the pancake.

contact me

  • email me at matt at mkomo dot com
  • find me on linkedin